Princess Promenade Torquay Devon

Princess Promenade Torquay Devon

Objective: provision of access scaffolding, shoring and edge protection to enable removal replacement and restoration of concrete promenade at Torquay sea front.

Probably one of the most challenging projects to date! Although we are very used to nautical and marine works, the tide, position of the promenade and the time of year threw more difficulties at us than most, Often working in time windows of four hours or less with works below the tide-line in what can only be described as a very large, very wet and very cold confined space.

The initial purpose of the scaffolding was to act as a protection deck and debris barrier to the sea. Upon completion of the demolition works the scaffolding was adapted to become an access scaffolding and dead shore for casting the new promenade deck. works of this nature are never easy but well thought out planning and idea sharing with the client and our designers found safe and workable solutions to all the challenges encountered.

As with any large scale civil engineering project we became reliant on dedicated crews, committed management, heavy machinery, interaction with marine service providers and port authorities and an open minded pro-active client.

Safety at sea is a challenge all on its own, when you add a project of this nature to it you create a very serious and special set of circumstances. Although some of the pictures show relaxed operatives bobbing about in the water and enjoying a well earned break from the stark seriousness of the project, the focus was on safety and well being. At no time were any of the men more than a few moments away from well planned assistance or rescue if required and always had the comfort of a permanent safety boat or barge close at hand.

Although the project was very difficult, the nature of the client and positive input of all concerned from site labourers to project managers made it a success.

We look forward to similar works in the future….hopefully in better weather!

Project Description

Client: Dawnus Construction
Location: Torquay Devon